The iPhone Evolution

Technological advances in the smartphone industry do not stop and the possibilities seem endless. Now, with the idea that Apple is preparing, the use of the cellphone could once again take a surprising turn.

The potential development offered by the NFC chip in these devices positions the iPhone as a window into a new world and that, according to some rumors, the US company includes some functions that will change the conception of the cellphone once again.

And with the arrival of iOS 12, Apple wants you to use your smartphone to open the door of your house or a hotel room and serve as the public transport card, among other things.

All of these features could appear as a surprise at the big event Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to be held from next June 4th in San Jose, California, according to the website The Information.

According to this information, the company has been testing this development on the doors of some of its buildings, allowing employees included in the beta phase to access their offices using only their device.

So far, it is known that there are already some locks and security accessories that are unlocked using an iPhone, although everything works by Bluetooth and not NFC, and is that the technology offered by this innovative chip has been used in almost all cases for enabling payments through Apple Pay.

Apple began to build the foundation for this operation on iOS 11 with the CoreNFC Framework, which allows applications to use the NFC chip as a scanner for RFID tags.

At present, Google Pay already allows the incorporation of public transport cards to their payment system in some cities, and similar developments already exist in many parts of the world.

Older Apple phones with NFC will be compatible with the new technology, as long as they can update their operating system. Therefore, the iPhone SE or iPhone 6, for now, would be the oldest phones compatible with this new solution.

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