Hp’s World’s Thinnest Convertible Business Laptop

The new HP EliteBook x360 is a laptop with a flexible design that allows it to become a professional tablet and a beautiful screen with almost no bezels that can be configured with a resolution of up to 4K. Actually, it is like a cross between a laptop and a tab.
This HP EliteBook x360 integrates a 13.3-inch screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass and a slim body that makes it the thinnest business convertible laptop in the world (14.9mm), an HP representative told us.
Because of this, the HP EliteBook x360 feels a bit thinner despite having a metal body similar to the Specter x360. But, this does not mean it is the thinnest laptop in the world, as there are some that have a thickness of less than 10mm.
This HP laptop integrates a fingerprint reader that allows you to unlock it through the Windows 10 biometric security system called Windows Hello. It also integrates the collaboration keys that the company had before presented, allowing Skype to be opened or to hang those calls.
In conclusion, the HP EliteBook x360 feels slim, its screen almost without bevels makes it look very attractive and its flexible design makes it a pleasure to use.

Overall this laptop looks really good and we wholeheartedly recommend this laptop anyone who appreciates simplicity and beautiful design.

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